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our investment approach:

are we a fit? in our investments, we look for:

  • Team Wrok 150x150
    One of the key factors we look for in a business is a defined high-performance culture. We are looking for management teams that see creating and driving a high-performing culture as a critical strategic priority.
  • Board Comm 150x150
    We look to help and support great leadership, not replace it. We work best with leadership teams and owners that just can’t imagine doing anything else. We want our leadership teams to have a growth mindset - always looking to do things better.
  • Type Of Business 150x150
    Type Of Business
    We’re industry agnostic. In our portfolio you'll find investments from retail to software. The common thread is our partners are constantly innovating — improving their products/services, or the way they do business.
  • Size Of Business 150x150
    Size Of Business
    We typically invest in companies with greater than $50 million revenue, but for those companies not yet at that scale but with big aspirations, we would still love to hear from you. We’re always happy to try and help you on your scaling journey where we can.
  • Growth 150x150
    We help businesses who are looking to build a much bigger business over the long term — who aspire to revenue growth of more than 20% per annum. We’re about long-term, sustainable results for the benefit of all shareholders not short term profit maximisation or acquisition-led growth.
  • Reward 150x150
    Investment Size
    Our funding structure is as flexible as your business needs. Our investments per business scale up to $300 million. We always make sure the management, founders, and Boards have significant shareholdings.
  • Exit Approach 150x150
    Exit Approach
    We invest over the long term, with no defined exit time on the investment’s life.
  • Regions 150x150
    We are not geographically constrained. We’re proven in helping businesses grow globally.
  • Governance 150x150
    We're open to sitting on boards, consulting at critical growth times, or just being a supportive long-term shareholder. We have no set requirement. Board members should be passionate about the business’s mission and align themselves with shareholders by also owning significant equity.
  • People 1 150x150
    Founders & CEOs
    We back and support management teams in growing their businesses. This can take many forms — from a passive long-term supportive shareholder to more actively supporting at the board level. We let management and founders take some of their equity off the table.

We have held 20% of all of our

we invest in both private and public companies

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People-First Approach

We believe that people and culture are the beating heart of high-performing businesses. So we embrace the challenge of discovering companies with strong growth profiles and opportunities as well as equally strong cultures.

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Long-Term Partners

When you’re in it for the long term, you want to know your investment partners are too. Our evergreen pool of capital allows us to invest up to $250 million per investment with no fixed time horizons so you can get on with growing your business knowing you’ve got the support of a stable, long-term shareholder.

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Scale The Right Way

There's an art to scaling a business. It’s more than just having the money to grow.

That's why we’re willing to roll up our sleeves and, if required, provide advice on acquisitions, capital structure, executive remuneration, board and executive recruitment, and investor relations

We have the experience to deeply understand the challenges that await fast-growing private and public businesses, and we are in a strong position to help you navigate these together with offices in Australia and New York.

It's a growth mindset with a global perspective

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