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A Proven track record

Results matter.  At TDM we are proud that, amongst other things, we have;

  • Compounded our clients’ capital at over 25% annually since inception in 2005. This equates to over 60x initial investment.
  • While invested, companies have grown revenue 20% or more on average.
  • When we say long term, we mean long term – one company has been in the portfolio for 17 years. Over 1/8 of our investee companies end up being in the portfolio for longer than 10 years. 
  • A successful track record of transitioning private companies to the public market as long-term shareholders, including businesses such as Baby Bunting and Allbirds
  • Been appointed by a third of our portfolio companies (public and private) to sit on their board of directors as long-term shareholders.
  • Continued our relationships with many previous investee company executives, with them actively contributing to our operator network.
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