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We back Australian talent to address

our vision is to unlock Australia's potential for good

And at the heart of what we do at the TDM Foundation, is our belief that every one of us has the right to equality of opportunity. We want to remove the barriers that stand in the way of every Australian being able to reach their potential.

We support partner organisations and leaders with capital and capability over a long-term horizon. In terms of capital, our support will be tailored to what suits the situation presented to us best.

Finally, we know that big problems aren’t easily fixed. So we will find solutions over the long-term. Our strategy is not static and just as Australia evolves and changes over time, so too will our approach.

we support leaders and organisations

who are solving some of the most difficult challenges we face.
whose work is innovative, can scale and has significant growth opportunities so that impact is maximized
with outstanding cultures evidenced by a strong focus on their people and purpose.
with a clear focus on the outcome and impact they want to achieve and a clear approach to measurement

how we approach community responsibility

the TDM Foundation.

The TDM Foundation is the official charitable arm of TDM Growth Partners. Over the next ten years we aim to deploy $100 million to unlock Australia’s potential for good.

The TDM Foundation is run with consistent and congruent values to our investment philosophy. We believe and support passionate and high-performing people, in a concentrated way, who are innovative in their application of funds and can have a long-term and lasting impact on the community as they grow.

Like finding an undervalued company to invest in, we believe there are some fantastic charities and not-for-profit social enterprises that are under supported from governments and individuals alike.

The TDM Foundation also allocates the Hearts and Minds Investments (ASX:HM1)  annual management fee donation to medical research.

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