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As Australia steps into the new decade, we are optimistic about the opportunities for our country but we know there are many big challenges to address.


From continuing disparities in key health, education and employment outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians; to lagging educational performance; a disrupted economy and contracting jobs market; to ongoing preventative health challenges – these are just some examples of significant issues which are projected to snowball over time.

Australia’s vibrant social impact sector has a critical role to play, alongside government and commercial organisations in addressing some of these challenges.

We exist to help solve those challenges.

Introducing the TDM Foundation.

What’s New?

With a new look and a welcome to Roly Clifton-Bligh as Foundation Lead, we’re investing $100 million over the next 10 years into partner organisations and individuals tackling our nation’s largest challenges in equity and excellence.

Equity: Ensuring that all Australians have equality of opportunity and participation. Let’s level the playing field.

Excellence: Fixing the gaps in how Australian’s approach education, health and wellbeing, and the environment.

How it Works

TDM Foundation is funded by the profits from TDM Growth Partners. The Foundation then invests capital and expertise in partners creating long-term positive social impact.

Our Partner Criteria

We partner with organisations and individuals who exhibit the following characteristics. They..

… are solving some of our most difficult challenges

… have a long-term vision and commitment

… have solutions that can scale

… have outstanding cultures, high performing teams, and a strong focus on their people

…have a clear focus on measuring outcome and performance


Student in Lab

Teach for Australia

Kids from the lowest income households are on average three years behind in school. This stems from a lack of teachers in low income household areas. We believe the opportunities you have in life shouldn’t be tied to the post code you were born in.

TFA offers training to turn great leaders into teachers and great teachers into leaders; all of whom are dedicated to breaking the cycle of education inequity.

Over the last 11 years, TFA has placed 968 teachers in disadvantaged schools across Victoria and Western Australia. The program is also currently being expanded to South Australia and New South Wales.



Cs In Schools

CS In Schools

Australia’s prosperity as a nation is undeniably linked to excellence in a highly-skilled digital workforce. But Australia has a problem — we are simply not seeing enough students graduate with digitech skills from our schools and universities.

CS In Schools exists to create the next generation of technology workers and entrepreneurs that will lead Australia in a digitally-dependent future by offering hands-on digitech courses for students and training teachers to better teach digitech.

CS In Schools currently works with over 9,000 secondary students in 42 schools around Australia, and they’re on track to reach half of Australia’s secondary schools by 2025.



Mulloon Institute

The Mulloon Institute

Our changing climate is impacting Australia’s food and water security, its natural habitats, and its biodiversity.

The Mulloon Institute (TMI) leverages its research, education and consultancy to create a more resilient, productive and profitable landscape where agriculture and the environment are working in unison. By helping Australian (and the world’s) farmers adapt to the new climate, they create substantial social and community benefits.

Recognised internationally for its ground-breaking research, particularly in the area of landscape rehydration and restoration, their aim is to restore 5,000 Australian farming families.



Business School

The University of Sydney Business School

Investing can no doubt be one of the most powerful tools in changing the world. The problem is that the modern investing culture of misaligned incentives and short-termism often results in value destruction leaving the economy lesser off.

We work with The Sydney University to educate students and shape the philosophies of the next generation of investors. We’re also a major supporter of their Student Managed Fund, where students invest with real money and the profits from those investments fund scholarships for students from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

It’s our aspiration to look back many years from now and see an investment landscape that values alignment, people and culture, society, and long-term thinking.




Hearts and Minds Investment Fund (HM1)

What if instead of Investment Managers taking profits from their best ideas, they used those profits to fund life changing, leading edge, medical research?

Well that’s what Hearts and Minds Investment Fund is. In 2019, we were selected as one of six core fund managers for Heart and Minds and have since presented in their yearly investor event — Sohn Hearts and Minds.

Hearts and Minds has distributed $15.4 million in donations to beneficiaries making them one of Australia’s Top 50 Corporate Philanthropists.



Uluru Statement Photo Clive Scollay2

From the Heart

By any measure, the experience of First Nations peoples is one of inequity. When compared with non-Indigenous peoples, Indigenous life expectancy is on average eight years lower, incarceration rates 11 times higher and unemployment rates 25% above the national average. While resources, funding, effort and goodwill have been devoted to addressing these issues, thus far the right solutions have not been found.

From the Heart is a campaign for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament that is enshrined in the Constitution. Empowering First Nations peoples with constitutional recognition is a major and historical step forward in realising the true potential of this cultural asset.

An Indigenous Voice will speak directly for the broad and diverse experiences of First Nations peoples, leading over time to better policy outcomes, legislation, programs and service delivery.



Life Start

Life Start

Children and young adults with disabilities, as well as their family’s often require many different forms of assistance: from speech therapy to disability inclusion training. In the past, families have had to manage the hands full of care from separately entities in separate ways.

Life Start brings all of them together in one program. Plus, they help families properly utilise the new NDIS funding schemes to help pay for the cost of these programs.

From their first programs launched in 1996, they now help over 10,000 children and young people in the Greater Sydney Area.



Pain Management

Pain Management Research Institute 

Chronic pain affects one in five Australians. And for many of them the pain is severely disabling.

If you haven’t heard TDM Partner Tom Cowan’s story about his chronic pain, the Pain Foundation was his only saving grace, after years of doctors, enabling him to actually ride in a car and read the quarterly reports from a chair instead of laying on the floor.

The Pain Foundation explores new methodologies of treating and curing chronic pain as well as the side effects of chronic pain, such as opioid addiction.


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SBC Fresh Look Blog - Photo Via Jeremy Bishop
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