TDM pitch at 2019 SOHN Hearts and Minds Conference
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The SOHN Hearts and Minds Conference has raised almost $20 million for medical research since 2016, and TDM were proud speakers at this year’s event held at the Opera House. The Heart and mind impact video gives a great insight into the scope of the incredible work being undertaken. You can see the video here

SOHN also has a listed investment company (HM1: ASX), giving retail investors access to some of the best high conviction investment ideas to emanate from the Australian funds management community.

All stocks that are pitched at  the conference are allocated to become 35% of HM1’s portfolio (until the next conference), while the other 65% of the HM1 portfolio is managed at the recommendation of the fund’s Core Managers.

TDM Growth Partners was recently announced as a new Core Fund Manager of HM1. We are thrilled to be able to donate our management fee back to medical research.

Below is the video of Hamish’s full SOHN presentation, pitching Spotify (NYSE:SPOT)


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Scaling Up [S7.E1]: The Culture Scaling Playbook, Values
Scaling Up Website Banner Images (5)
Scaling Up [S7.E1]: The Culture Scaling Playbook, Values
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