TDM helping the next generation of Australian investors
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At TDM, one of our core values is to give back to the community. We also believe that the investment community can do better. That is why we have decided to support the Sydney University Student Managed Fund – not only can we make a positive difference, with returns from the fund used to support university scholarships, but also it gives us a chance to help shape the investment philosophies of the next generation of investors.

The TDM foundation has donated a significant amount of money to the fund, and this was matched by a very generous TDM client. More rewarding though, is the time we have spent with the students, who are proving themselves to be highly engaged, intelligent and thoughful.

Last week, Tom Hordern from the Investment Team presented one of TDM’s core investment pillars  – “competitive advantage” –  to the students, giving them an insight into our framework and how we think about assessing a company’s competitve advantage. With case studies and questions a plenty, it was not only a great interactive sesssion, but one that hopefully with allow the students to make better investment decisions moving forward.




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Scaling Up [S7.E1]: The Culture Scaling Playbook, Values
Scaling Up Website Banner Images (5)
Scaling Up [S7.E1]: The Culture Scaling Playbook, Values
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