“Directors need more skin in the game”

A great write up in the AFR today on a topic we are passionate about.

It’s clear to us that there is a direct relationship between business success and how invested directors are in the business, both figuratively and literally. Below are some key quotes from Hamish in relation to or view on  the necessity to align Director’s interests with those of the owners of the business. The full article can be found by clicking the link.

“Significant director share ownership demonstrates a real commitment and belief in the business and enhances the principle that we seek to encourage – to ‘think like an owner'”

“As a director, if you own shares and have a long-term perspective, you will experience greater reward from the company’s long-term success and, conversely, greater pain from the company’s failures. That is a great alignment of interests and a motivator to work tirelessly to build world class businesses”

“They sign onto the concept of growing an exceptional business … and in order to make it worth their time, they want to invest and grow their capital. That’s different to being a director who is looking to collect fees to sustain an income”


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