Medical devices – what does great look like
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One of the frameworks we use at TDM is what we call  “ Good, Better, Best” and thanks to Jess Bell-Allen, the below video is going to time walk through this framework as it relates to medical devices.



This framework has dual purposes. Often we will share them with portfolio companies to help shape their strategic thinking, but often they are produced in industries we might want to be building our own capability and muscle on.

Under this framework as you will see, it is really easy to get a sense of what are the key ingredients that go into making the good and importantly great companies of the category globally.



You can read the full transcript and see a written version of the above on our TDM Tidbits blog on Medium. 
An unbridged version of the document referred to in the presentation “Medical devices – What does great look like” can be downloaded here.
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