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Tyro announces intention to list on ASX within 18 months
19 Jul 2019
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Tyro has announced its intentions to list on ASX within the next 18 months.

We have been a major shareholder of Tyro Payments for over three and a half years, and hoping to be on the journey with Robbie and his team for many years to come. In our mind, any IPO is just another stage of growth, and for this fast growing Australian software and payments business, we think it will supercharge how Tyro can service its SME customer base.

Robbie Cooke, who was also behind the listing of Wotif, told Australian Financial Review Tyro was already operating like a listed firm.

“Tyro is in a good position. It’s well capitalised and it has cash on the balance sheet. In terms of operating rhythm, we’re doing everything you’d do in a listed environment already. We release half-year and full-year results that are audited and have investor presentations.It’s more of an exercise in looking at the liquidity it would provide to shareholders and what other benefits would come about too. We’re excited by our position and about the opportunities, but we’re still relatively small in the three verticals we operate in and the opportunities are huge.”

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