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our approach to partnership.

  • People White
    Founders & CEOs
    We back and support management teams in growing their businesses. This can take many forms — from a passive long-term supportive shareholder to more actively supporting at the board level. We let management and founders take some of their equity off the table.
  • Teamwork+culture White
    We look for a defined high-performance culture, with teams who see culture as a critical strategic priority.
  • Board+leadership White
    We look to help and support great leadership, not replace it. We work best with leadership teams and owners that just can’t imagine doing anything else. We want our leadership teams to have a growth mindset - always looking to do things better.
  • Type Of Business White
    Type of Business
    We're open to Portfolio Companies in any industry. While we are industry agnostic, we have a more established track record with software, consumer, and healthcare.
  • Size Of Business White
    Size of Business
    We typically invest in companies with greater than $50 million revenue, but for those companies not yet at that scale but with big aspirations, we would still love to hear from you. We’re always happy to try and help you on your scaling journey where we can.
  • Growth White
    We help businesses who are looking to build a much bigger business over the long term — who aspire to revenue growth of more than 20% per annum. We’re about long-term, sustainable results for the benefit of all shareholders not short term profit maximisation or acquisition-led growth.
  • Reward White
    Investment Size
    Our investments per business scale from $50 to $300 million. Our funding structure is as flexible as your business needs. We always make sure the management, founders, and Boards have significant shareholdings.
  • Exit Approach White
    Exit Approach
    We invest over the long term, with no defined exit time on the investment’s life.
  • Regions White
    We are not geographically constrained. We’re proven in helping businesses grow globally.
  • Governance White
    We don't require a board seat, but do value high-performing board and governance structures. TDM is often actively involved in board construction and participation. Board members should be passionate about the business’s mission and align themselves with shareholders by also owning significant equity.

our approach to helping scale portfolio companies.

Enduring Capital

Operational Excellence

People and Culture

Data and Insights

our longest-term investment has been 17 years (and counting).



Results matter. In our 17 year history, TDM have achieved results of:

  • Compounded our clients’ capital at over 25% annually since inception in 2005. This equates to over 54x initial investment.
  • When we say long term, we mean long term – one company has been in the portfolio for 17 years.
  • A successful track record of transitioning private companies to the public market as long-term shareholders.

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latest insights.

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