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Investment Team.

  • Jess Bell-Allen
  • Anna Ruut
  • Fraser Christie
  • Hamish Corlett
  • Ed Cowan
  • Tom Cowan
  • Tim Le
  • Ben Gisz
  • Harrison Moot
  • Andy Simon

Operations Team.

  • Caryn Joffe
  • Aires Escueta
  • Stephanie Michael
  • Janice Butalid
  • Teghan Carfoot
  • Katie Thraves
  • Taylor Leadbeatter
  • Rebecca Runcie
  • Jason Sandler
  • Carly Simpkins
  • Peter Tannous

Operating Advisory Committee.

  • Ethan Berman
  • Roly Clifton-Bligh
  • Hilton Brett
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Jess Bell-Allen

Jess joins TDM following her move back to the land down under after a 3 year stint in San Francisco, relishing the opportunity to advise and invest in some of the world’s most exciting tech companies.

Prior to joining TDM, Jess was part of the network development team at Index Ventures, where she was focused on building Index’s network of entrepreneurs and corporate executives across the US. Before that, she worked in investment banking at Goldman Sachs for four years, both in Sydney and San Francisco, advising companies across the telco, media and tech sectors.

Despite her many years working in finance, Jess will readily admit that her personal investment strategy to date has not been what one might consider fiscally sound…she holds a highly concentrated position in her wardrobe. However, with a budding network in the fashion industry that has even led her to Paris Fashion Week, she’s pretty happy with the returns.

Jess was drawn to TDM by the team’s genuine and palpable passion for not just investing in, but being a true partner to businesses they’re proud of, and is excited to continue working with some of the world’s best growth companies back home in Australia.


Anna Ruut

Anna joins TDM after eight years with Macquarie Investment Management, having held roles in dealing and quantitative analysis. She finds the best way to explain her job to people unfamiliar with dealing as “a combination of shopping and playing a video game” .  Anna is a sports fanatic having competed in everything from sailing to AFL – she even has represented Australia in ice hockey.

She admits now she was a bit naïve before embarking on her most recent adventure; from skippering a yacht in Greece, to climbing Mt Etna, Anna is never far from tackling a challenge (or more secretly a karaoke night featuring Disney musicals)

What inspired her to join  TDM? The core focus of investing in companies with exceptional culture and now that she is on the inside “It is so refreshing to find that this value is truly ingrained within the TDM team itself”



Fraser Christie

Fraser joined TDM in 2019 after being introduced to the TDM family by his best mate (and now colleague), Harrison Moot.  Fraser is part of our ROKT investment team and is passionate about supporting software technology founders and management teams through their growth journey.

Prior to joining TDM, Fraser worked in private equity for four years, investing in companies across the consumer, retail, media and industrial sectors.  Fraser’s hands-on private equity experience strengthened his empathy for management teams and the complex operational challenges of scaling a business rapidly.  “I’ve learned to look through the short-term financial noise and focus on basic business principles – get the people right and then work through the high impact operational projects that are going to transform the quality of the business”.  Prior to his experience in private equity, Fraser studied actuarial science and spent two years working in investment banking.

Fraser maintains his physical and mental health by mixing up his exercise routine with various “fad training methods” – to the point of tapping out every free trial period in Sydney.  A true value investor at heart.



Hamish Corlett

At his core, Hamish loves helping people create futures they never thought possible. As a coach, mentor, and co-founder of TDM Growth Partners, he brings experience from multiple top-tier investment firms as well as from his hiatus as a school guidance counsellor.

Hamish’s innate leadership skills, broad life experiences, and full-throttle approach to life have been a driving force to the TDM culture of success. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Somnomed (ASX:SOM) and Tyro Payments. He also has significant experience in developing fast-growing software and FinTech businesses.

Hamish acts as the TDM life coach and the strength and conditioning advisor, given that he is the driving force for the implementation of our office chin-up bar. His passion for crossfit is only exceeded for his love of his wife, daughter, and two dogs.


Ed Cowan

Even within TDM’s tribe of various professional backgrounds and interests, Ed’s journey would be considered an oddity. Having travelled the world playing professional sport for over 15 years, his passion for both investing and high-performing cultures, led him to start the next stage of his career at TDM.

Ed’s current time allocation is wide and varied; when he’s not ensuring that TDM is being considered as the source of supportive growth capital in Australia, he devotes his time to his wife and two children (Romy, 8, and his side hustle Tripod Coffee , Australia’s leading supplier of certified compostable Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules).

Ed currently serves on the Board of Directors of Cricket NSW.


Tom Cowan

Having always been obsessed with the investing philosophies of Phillip Fisher and Warren Buffett, Tom started TDM Growth Partners (formerly TDM Asset Management) from his one-bedroom apartment in 2005.

Tom has proven over many years to be a high-performing investor and Board member, having sat as a Director of several ASX-listed companies as well as being the youngest Chairman of an ASX 200 company. Tom currently serves on the Board of Directors of Guzman Y Gomez and Rokt. He has significant experience in consumer, healthcare, and technology businesses.

Aside from his hobbies of hunting down quality coffee in foreign countries and reading annual reports at all times of the day, Tom also enjoys being a dad and when time permits golf, skiing and cricket in the nets with his boys


Tim Le

Investment Team

Tim has spent most of his career in and around businesses, helping management teams think about growth, strategy and disruption. He is passionate about people and culture and loves investing in outstanding businesses led by visionary leaders.

Before joining TDM, Tim started his career as a management consultant where he advised clients across several industries including retail, banking and telco. After three fun and formative years in consulting that included stints in Hong Kong and New Zealand, Tim decided to pursue his investing passion, by joining a growth-focused private equity firm, before landing at TDM.

What does Tim like to do in his spare time? Outside of reading and learning (major podcast addict), he loves being outdoors with friends and family. His dogs Coco and Toby are also a big part of his life, especially after he exploited their very good looks (in lieu of his own) to meet his girlfriend. Tim is energised by investing and excited by TDM’s mission.


Ben Gisz

Ben joined TDM in 2011, having spent more than a decade sharing a passion for investing with Partners Tom and Hamish.

Growing up in country Australia, Ben has embraced the values of passion, hard work and humility. It’s these values which makes Ben’s take on companies and cultures so different from your typical investor partner.

After his first investment in a flock of Merino sheep, he officially started his professional career as an equities analyst before moving into investment banking and private equity. Our investment partners and clients appreciate the diligence, care and passion he brings to every relationship.

Currently, he is a Non-Executive Director of Dental Group Pacific Smiles (ASX:PSQ).

Ben’s interests include dreaming about having more time to play tennis, performing the odd bagpipe solo, and reminding his three young children how tough it was back when dad was a kid.

Above all, Ben is passionate about investing in the unique TDM way.


Harrison Moot

Harrison joined TDM Growth Partners in 2018, following three years in M&A at Macquarie Capital where he focused on principal investments in the renewable energy sector and M&A in the Industrials coverage team.

Prior to starting his career in finance, Harrison served in the Australian Army, was a SCUBA Dive Master in Thailand and did a stint in South East Asia as an analyst for a frontier markets investment fund, Leopard Capital.

In his downtime Harrison likes to work up a mental sweat and can be found listening to his favourite podcasts (Long Now Seminars / Invest Like the Best) and reading as much as he can (Taleb / Tetlock / Munger).  Having completed last year’s Sydney marathon on a double espresso and three weeks training, Harry has now his sights set on an Ironman Triathlon later in 2020.

He has completed all three CFA examinations and has received his Charter.


Andy Simon

Andy’s passion for investing is palpable, and he lives and breathes the TDM investing philosophies. If you asked him the most valuable qualities any investor should possess, he’d say, “Patience, thinking like a business owner, and a long-term view” — straight from the TDM playbook — and with his arid and wicked sense of humour, he’d wryly add, “Although I’d prefer that other investors don’t adopt these qualities so that we can maintain our edge.”

Away from work, Andy enjoys collecting and drinking wine, keeping fit at the gym, and playing the odd Japanese role-playing video game (the mid-1990s era was the golden age).

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Caryn Joffe


While the investment team are busy helping our portfolio companies improve and scale their business operations, Caryn is working hard behind the scenes to ensure TDM’s own operations are efficient and scalable.

In addition to her passion for optimising systems and processes, Caryn loves spending time with her family, baking her signature chiffon cake, and enjoying the serenity of nature (except when she was chased by a buffalo on foot, but best leave that story for another time).

Caryn loves that her role at TDM enables her to leverage her wealth of finance and operations skills and experience and is inspired by TDM’s passionate team who constantly strive for excellence across the organisation while making a difference and giving back to the community.


Aires Escueta


Aires joined TDM following many years of working in accounting across the globe.

When she isn’t finding efficiencies for the finance team at TDM, you will find Aires on the couch enthralled  in a rom-com on Netflix or singing karaoke with her friends. With a passion for travel and a multitude of wonderful experiences under her belt, Aires loves to explore as many beaches as she possibly can!

Aires was drawn to TDM not only by the culture, but being surrounded by a team that encourages her to perform at her very best every single day.


Stephanie Michael


When Steph is not manning our front desk, you will likely find her shopping or dancing (or both!). Her big glowing smile, warm friendly demeanour and love for trashy Netflix shows makes her feel right at home with her fellow support team members.

Despite being one of our newest (and youngest) team members, she’ has already had a huge impact in and around the office, and above all else is really excited for the growth opportunities that keep flying her way at TDM.


Janice Butalid


Janice joins TDM following many years of accounting across industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing and television.

When she isn’t deep into the numbers, Janice can be found playing table tennis or successfully achieving a strike at the local bowling alley. Janice is a seasoned K-Pop fan and known to frequent karaoke with her friends.

Inspired by TDM’s growth trajectory, Janice loves been a part of a high performing culture.


Teghan Carfoot


Teghan has done her fair share of being a gatekeeper. Previously minding the door at a Sydney social hot spot & now for Tom and Ben diaries.

One thing TDM wasn’t prepared for when she started is her booming laugh. Filling the once quiet corridors with a loud laugh.

A little glimpse into what Teghan likes; ‘trashy’ tv (shamelessly), listening to podcasts & going back to her family beach house at Culburra Beach.


Katie Thraves


Katie’s 10 years of experience in the EA and event management space has prepared her well to support TDM’s finance and operations team.

Katie’s life outside of the office is filled with comedy shows, beaches, art galleries, hiking and music concerts, and she always has a great story to tell Monday mornings as to what excitement the weekend entailed. With Katie’s infectious happiness, knock out project management skills, and diversity of her role,  Katie keeps the rest of the team well and truly in shape.


Taylor Leadbeatter


Taylor may not have her eye on the ticker tape, but her job’s no slouch. She sits side saddle with Partners and the Investment team to make sure their calendars are maximised, organised, and keeping them out of the office advancing relationships with our investments, advisors, community, and clients.

The mum of two chocolate Labradors and also of an actual human, Taylor loves taking advantage of a good Netflix session when she still can.


Rebecca Runcie

People and Culture

What gets Beck up in the morning? Three small children. And coffee. And a love for business, people, culture, learning, growth, and achieving the unexpected.

Beck has a keen eye for recruiting talent that will grow the TDM culture. She knows that every piece is as important as the last, and it’s fostering a sharp and united culture that creates the TDM edge.

With over 20 years’ experience in HR and a Bachelor of Psychology, Beck has been with the TDM team since inception and provides invaluable insights as the business continues to grow.


Jason Sandler

Finance and Operations

Jason leads our operations team and rewrites the script on the quintessential CFO — young, energetic, passionate. That is not to say that he doesn’t hold dear the values and skills of steadyhand accountants; he thrives on intelligent reporting and data analysis that allows for efficient solutions to complex problems. He has a not-so-secret man crush on Xero accounting software and a love for real-time information, which he’s previously demonstrated at firms such as Investec and PwC.

Jason has a great sense of community, recently being appointed President of JewishCare, a not-for-profit organisation that, for 80 years, has been the major provider of services for vulnerable and needy people in the Jewish community.

Another TDM ‘crossfitter’, Sydney beach lover, and family man, he is on a personal quest to find the world’s best T-shirt and currently keeps an excel spreadsheet on rankings (currently the TrinoXO™ Tee from Allbirds is number one).


Carly Simpkins

Support Team

Stepping out of the TDM elevator, the first thing you notice is a stunning reception that looks and feels like a designer apartment and the glowing smile of Carly. Her warmth of presence is not manufactured and could lift anyone’s gloomy day.

Along with being our Director of First Impressions, Carly ensures the office runs at tip-top shape and every guest is looked after like family.

Outside the office, Carly loves watching trashy rom-coms and adores time with her six nieces and nephews. A budding artist and piano player, her creative streak is a lovely complement to all the TDM Excel junkies.


Peter Tannous


Pete is a supersized individual with supersized passion.

His eating habits may have forced office designers to incorporate an industrial kitchen, but it’s those habits that fuel his relentlessness outperformance in driving efficiency and automation technology within the TDM walls.

If you stop by the office, ask for Pete’s other great achievement, a TDH coffee — tall dark, and handsome.

Ethan Berman
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Ethan Berman

Operating Advisory Committee

Ethan’s journey is rich in colour. His passion for playwriting saw him in Paris in the 1980s, with several of his plays hitting the stage. He moved back to New York to work for JP Morgan, before spinning out RiskMetrics as its CEO and founder. The business was eventually sold to MSCI for $US1.6b. Famously, while CEO, Ethan wrote a letter to the Board to ask that his remuneration be reduced, despite a record year, citing that he felt that he hadn’t performed personally up to the standard that he expected of himself.

Ethan still resides in NYC, but he spends most of his time now on his passion project I2 Learning.

We are proud to call Ethan a friend and now formally an advisor to both TDM and portfolio companies.

To learn more about Ethan’s journey, you can listen to his episode on “Scaling Up”



Roly Clifton-Bligh

Operating Advisory Committee

Roly leads our Foundation team,  supporting social purpose organisations in making a difference to the lives of both Australian and International communities.

Roly is passionate about Australia’s creative and cultural life and his career reflects that.  He was a senior executive at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and most recently at the State Library Victoria where he was the CFO and COO. Perhaps his greatest achievement though has  been keeping Tom and Hamish on the straight and narrow for over four decades!

As a lifelong learner, Roly is devoted to not only building his skills but also to coaching and supporting others. Surrounded by some of the world’s most remarkable change makers, Roly describes his experience of completing his Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University as life changing – “to be able to bring best in class ideas, operational models and strategy back to the local market excites me everyday”

When not working and studying, you’ll find Roly on the tennis court, the golf course or running (slowly) along Melbourne’s beaches.


Hilton Brett

Operating Advisory Committee

Up until March 2018, Hilton was Co-CEO of Accent Group (formerly RCG), a leading ASX retail business. Hilton joined Accent in 2006 when the business had a market capitalisation of $8m. Over the next 12 years, the team grew the business to an $800m market capitalisation and delivered total shareholder returns in excess of 25% CAGR.

As a native South African, it is odd to note how ambivalent he is to the Springboks beating the Wallabies in rugby, despite being a passionate sports fan. Perhaps this says something about Hilton’s diplomatic nature more than his true beliefs.

Hilton truly believes that great people and high-performing cultures build long-term business success, having lived and breathed this first hand.

Between currently sitting on the Board of three of our portfolio companies and being a husband to his wife and dad to his four children, Hilton is fairly time poor when it comes to doing the things he loves, such as spending time on the water, working on his golf swing, and spending quality time with friends.

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