Ed Cowan
25 Oct 2018
Ed Cowan

Even within TDM’s tribe of various professional backgrounds and interests, Ed’s journey would be considered an oddity. Having travelled the world playing professional sport for over a decade, his passion for high-performing cultures led him to start the next stage of his career at TDM.

Ed’s role is to ensure TDM never misses an opportunity and to connect TDM to businesses, organisations, and communities who put it all on the line for a better future. TDM is a values-led organisation, and so Ed is also critical to achieving our ambition of creating a better investment industry.

Ed’s current time allocation is wide and varied; when he’s not out finding opportunities, he devotes his time to his wife and two children (one being Romy, 6, and the other, his side hustle Tripod Coffee , one of Australia’s leading supplier of environmentally friendly Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules). His dulcet tones can also be heard on the ABC’s Grandstand Test cricket coverage as a commentator.

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