Ethan Berman
15 Oct 2018
Ethan 217 Min

Ethan’s journey is rich in colour. His passion for playwriting saw him in Paris in the 1980s, with several of his plays hitting the stage. He moved back to New York to work for JP Morgan, before spinning out RiskMetrics as its CEO and founder. The business was eventually sold to MSCI for $US1.6b. Famously, while CEO, Ethan wrote a letter to the Board to ask that his remuneration be reduced, despite a record year, citing that he felt that he hadn’t performed personally up to the standard that he expected of himself.

Ethan still resides in NYC, is a board member of TDM portfolio company League, and he spends most of his time now on his passion project I2 Learning.

We are proud to call Ethan a friend and now formally an advisor to both TDM and portfolio companies.

To learn more about Ethan’s journey, you can listen to his episode on “Scaling Up”




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