Fraser Christie
12 Nov 2019
Fraser 15001 Min

Fraser joined TDM in 2019 after being introduced to the TDM family by his best mate (and now colleague), Harrison Moot.  Fraser is part of our ROKT investment team and is passionate about supporting software technology founders and management teams through their growth journey.

Prior to joining TDM, Fraser worked in private equity for four years, investing in companies across the consumer, retail, media and industrial sectors.  Fraser’s hands-on private equity experience strengthened his empathy for management teams and the complex operational challenges of scaling a business rapidly.  “I’ve learned to look through the short-term financial noise and focus on basic business principles – get the people right and then work through the high impact operational projects that are going to transform the quality of the business”.  Prior to his experience in private equity, Fraser studied actuarial science and spent two years working in investment banking.

Fraser maintains his physical and mental health by mixing up his exercise routine with various “fad training methods” – to the point of tapping out every free trial period in Sydney.  A true value investor at heart.



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