Hilton Brett
25 Oct 2018
Hilton 14418 Min

Up until March 2018, Hilton was Co-CEO of Accent Group (formerly RCG), a leading ASX retail business. Hilton joined Accent in 2006 when the business had a market capitalisation of $8m. Over the next 12 years, the team grew the business to an $800m market capitalisation and delivered total shareholder returns in excess of 25% CAGR.

As a native South African, it is odd to note how ambivalent he is to the Springboks beating the Wallabies in rugby, despite being a passionate sports fan. Perhaps this says something about Hilton’s diplomatic nature more than his true beliefs.

Hilton truly believes that great people and high-performing cultures build long-term business success, having lived and breathed this first hand.

Between currently sitting on the Board of three of our portfolio companies and being a husband to his wife and dad to his four children, Hilton is fairly time poor when it comes to doing the things he loves, such as spending time on the water, working on his golf swing, and spending quality time with friends.



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