Jacqui Purcell
15 Feb 2022
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Jacqui joined TDM in 2022. She was previously the CFO of Culture Amp when TDM first invested in the business in 2019 and has remained close with the TDM family ever since.  Having served as CFO of two of Australia’s leading high-growth SaaS businesses, Culture Amp and Deputy, Jacqui is excited to bring her wealth of experience as an operator to the TDM Investment Team and Operation Advisory Team.

Prior to joining Culture Amp in 2017, Jacqui spent a decade working and studying in the United States.  She was an Executive Director in Morgan Stanley’s Mergers and Acquisitions team in New York, where she was an advisor on transactions of all shapes and sizes predominantly in the technology, healthcare and media industries.  Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, Jacqui spent two years in the heart of Silicon Valley, pursuing an MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

As a former executive in the TDM portfolio, Jacqui is fortunate to have firsthand experience of the value that TDM brings to the businesses it invests in.  It was this experience that inspired Jacqui to join TDM, where she hopes to deepen the ways they can deliver value to the portfolio, including strengthening TDM’s advisory network.

An adventure lover, Jacqui is a passionate traveler and skier. Her greatest joy is spending time with her daughter, Rosie.

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