James Revell
3 Jun 2022
James 75833 Min

James and TDM first crossed paths in 2017, when James was forming the strategy and corporate development team at Tyro, a payments technology business that TDM had invested in 15 months prior. James isn’t a believer in love at first sight but his first interaction with TDM, where he heard them promulgate the importance of people and culture and constructing an ever-wider competitive moat, put that to the test.

During the next five years at Tyro James got to work first-hand with TDM, witnessing them lead by example as a thoughtful, hands-on business ‘owner’. This experience only reinforced James’ admiration for the team and ultimately his desire to join the TDM family one day, which he was lucky enough to do in early 2022.

As a former management consultant, strategy leader at Telstra Digital, and Chief Strategy Officer at Tyro, where he helped lead them through their 2019 ASX listing and several M&A transactions, James has a wealth of experience that can help TDM’s portfolio companies scale, and support TDM in investing in more generational businesses that they can be proud of.

As a University of Cambridge History graduate, when James isn’t getting excited about great businesses or doting on his fiancé and baby daughter, you’ll find him on the beach nose deep in a history book of sorts.

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