Jason Sandler
25 Oct 2018
Jason 14350 Min

Jason leads our operations team and rewrites the script on the quintessential CFO — young, energetic, passionate. That is not to say that he doesn’t hold dear the values and skills of steadyhand accountants; he thrives on intelligent reporting and data analysis that allows for efficient solutions to complex problems. He has a not-so-secret man crush on Xero accounting software and a love for real-time information, which he’s previously demonstrated at firms such as Investec and PwC.

Jason has a great sense of community, recently being appointed President of JewishCare, a not-for-profit organisation that, for 80 years, has been the major provider of services for vulnerable and needy people in the Jewish community.

Another TDM ‘crossfitter’, Sydney beach lover, and family man, he is on a personal quest to find the world’s best T-shirt and currently keeps an excel spreadsheet on rankings (currently the TrinoXO™ Tee from Allbirds is number one).



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