Jess Bell-Allen
31 Jul 2020
Jess 15606 Min

Jess joins TDM following her move back to the land down under after a 3 year stint in San Francisco, relishing the opportunity to advise and invest in some of the world’s most exciting tech companies.

Prior to joining TDM, Jess was part of the network development team at Index Ventures, where she was focused on building Index’s network of entrepreneurs and corporate executives across the US. Before that, she worked in investment banking at Goldman Sachs for four years, both in Sydney and San Francisco, advising companies across the telco, media and tech sectors.

Despite her many years working in finance, Jess will readily admit that her personal investment strategy to date has not been what one might consider fiscally sound…she holds a highly concentrated position in her wardrobe. However, with a budding network in the fashion industry that has even led her to Paris Fashion Week, she’s pretty happy with the returns.

Jess was drawn to TDM by the team’s genuine and palpable passion for not just investing in, but being a true partner to businesses they’re proud of, and is excited to continue working with some of the world’s best growth companies back home in Australia.



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