Julian Reddick
25 Oct 2018
Julian Reddick

Julian joined TDM Growth Partners in 2016, fresh from a sabbatical that took him backpacking across the Americas. Prior to this, Julian honed his business skills for six years, which he spent in Investment Banking, working in London and Sydney and advising management teams across a range of industries.

At TDM, Julian loves trawling through operational data to gain insights to support our management team’s decision-making processes, discovering new industries and business models, and discussing corporate culture with management teams.

Outside of the office, Julian can usually be found in close proximity to his Kindle. He often quotes Danny Kahneman and has a physical copy of Thinking, Fast and Slow in close proximity at all times. Aside from books, his other unwavering dedication is to his football team, Manchester United. (Despite growing up in London, he will often claim it as his home team for social capital.)

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