Manal Thomas
17 Feb 2022
Manal 39467 Min

Manal’s extensive experience in (and passion for) People & Culture and Organisational Development ensures she is an integral member of the TDM team. Being number 13 of 14 children, Manal has always had a keen interest in facilitating cohesion and leveraging group dynamics.

As such, she views organisations as key in enabling people in the pursuit of better outcomes in their work and lives more broadly. Because of TDMs unification of the shared interests of clients, portfolio companies, team and the community at large, Manal feels very much at home with TDM.

Borrowing a line from one of the great Australians of recent times, cartoon character Bluey – ‘boring things are important’ – nothing brings Manal more joy than the seemingly mundane tasks that allow her to spend time with her family and the people that she loves.

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