Rebecca Smith
25 Oct 2018
Rebecca Smith

Bec is passionate around supercharging TDM’s operating capacity with a key focus on facilitating agility within our investment team. No problem is too hard for her to tackle — she is often referred to as the TDM “Phone a Friend”, with an incredible track record of solving all kinds of issues on the fly. Implementing a cloud data provider? Need a travel management platform or tailored project management tool? No problem, call Bec.

Bec loves and thrives to hustle for value at TDM and is the queen of leveraging any type of membership points to offset dollars. She wishes this attitude could be transferred to her own spending habits, but it is a work in progress!

She’s a fitness gal with a fave exercise cross between a lunge and a crunch — she calls it lunch. Bec’s energy and thirst for life is contagious.

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