Tom Hordern
25 Oct 2018
Tom Hordern

It was the serendipitous meeting of his future wife at barefoot bowls that changed Tom’s perspective on the world. After eight years in investment banking, it set the wheels in motion for a sabbatical year of personal reformation — travelling roads less trodden, hiking, beaches, fresh air, and solitude. His proudest feat was walking the El Camino across Spain.

While considering a job offer to move to South Australia and work on a futurist tomato-growing project, his interest was piqued in an investment company doing things differently, and his passion for TDM was born. Tom lives and breathes TDM core values, and when asked why, he said, “Because at TDM, we’re laser-focused on investing our way in an industry filled with a lot of noise.”

Tom is excited to partner with the next generation of market leaders and has significant experience in enterprise software and financial technology businesses.

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