TDM Growth Values

our company mission is simple.

we believe that
strength comes from working as one team.
better investing means thinking and acting like a business owner.
people and culture are the beating heart of high performing businesses.
trust and transparency are the bedrock of relationships.
results should be measured over decades, not days.
rewards come to those not scared of rolling up their sleeves.
we have a responsibility to give back to our community.

how we approach community responsibility

the TDM Foundation.

The TDM Foundation is the official charitable arm of TDM Growth Partners, with no less than 1% of profits donated annually.

The TDM Foundation is run with consistent and congruent values to our investment philosophy. We believe and support passionate and high-performing people, in a concentrated way, who are innovative in their application of funds and can have a long-term and lasting impact on the community as they grow.

Like finding an undervalued company to invest in, we believe there are some fantastic charities and not-for-profit social enterprises that are undersupported from governments and individuals alike.

Not-for-profits that we have supported in the past include Teach for Australia, Lifestart, and The Pain Management Clinic.

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“We are incredibly grateful for the ongoing support the TDM Foundation have given us over the last 8 years. To have a stable, long term partner to help us achieve our ambitions of continually supporting young Australians living with disability, has been incredibly invaluable.”

Suzanne Becker
Lifestart, CEO

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